Our story started where yours began – with undying love for remarkable beauty and Luxury hair extensions.

High quality Hair extensions are known to help define our natural beauty, our sensuality and how we feel about ourselves. In the pursuit of the perfect looks of your dreams, hair extensions are very vital for letting your inner beauty shine through. That is why A Class Hair Extensions was founded to guarantee quality hair extensions at affordable prices.

A Class Hair Extension is your go-to resource for virgin cuticle hair extensions that are long, thick and 100 percent healthy. We are committed to providing luxury quality hair extensions to add value and essence to your beauty needs. The hair extensions that we merchandise are second to none. They are not only suitable for all hair types and colors, but also make the perfect choice if you're looking to achieve ultimate beauty goals.

Our primary aim to extend value-added beauty to the hair fashion industry. By ensuring that each and every strand is hand-picked and thoroughly vetted for thickness, quality and consistent length. This way, we are able to provide top-of-the-line hair extensions that are absolutely authentic, flawless and worth every penny.

We pride ourselves on our beautiful customers who trust and shop from us. Their unique love for high quality product and remarkable beauty fuels our passion to do more. And this is the secret to our success story within the past 10 years.

We have everything you need to transform your hair and overall beauty. Whether premium remy human hair, virgin hair cuticle or clip-in hair extension, we have a wide array of products to make you feel and look as remarkably beautiful as you can be.


For desired, beautiful hair extensions, shop with us at A Class Hair Extension!


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